Web Miner

Web Miner

Finds and extracts data from the Inernet sites
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Search for the information you need on one or multiple websites and extract data by filtering with the help of predefined miners or regular expressions. Extracted elements include emails, images, URLs, phone numbers, microformats, files, keyword density reports, etc.

Avant Prime Web Miner is the ultimate data extraction, web content mining and web scraping tool. Using the built-in web crawler you can crawl a single page, an entire website or a unlimited number of interlinked websites automatically while extracting content using one of the built-in miners which include: emails, images, URLs, feeds, phone numbers, microformats, files and documents, IP addresses, keyword density reports and meta tags extractors. If this is not enough, you can use your own custom regular expressions or XSLT documents to perform custom data extraction.

The Avant Prime web miner supports automatic sending of emails, building image & document gallery and even automatic posting of artefacts to a web service of your choosing.

An easy to use and very powerful tool to get your web content mining operation off to a flying start.

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